Pay Structuring

Learn about the required skills to draw up pay structures for your organisation

Course Features

Course schedule: 
3 sessions
Date One: 
Tuesday, 13 March, 2018
Date Two: 
Tuesday, 5 June, 2018
Date three: 
Tuesday, 28 August, 2018
South Africa; Johannesburg, Cape Town, Johannesburg
2 days
Presented by: 
Dianne Auld
Cost of Training: 
R 9,371.00 (Including VAT) per person

Detailed Descriptions

Target Audience:

  • Newer practitioners in the remuneration field
  • Seasoned remuneration and reward practitioners requiring skills update or "refresher" training on the underlying concepts and theory of pay structuring.

Course details: This is a practical workshop covering the essential skills required to draw up pay structures for the organisation, balancing out the myriad of conflicting issues such as internal equity, external equity, organisation culture, cost of implementation and economic influences.

Aspects covered in detail during the course of the workshop are the following:

  1. Terminology, concepts and purpose of pay structuring (Overview of Pay Structuring)
  2. Grade Basis for Pay Structure
  3. Pay Base for Pay Structure
  4. Market Positioning for Pay Structure
  5. Pay Structure Mechanics; Pay Slope, Pay Ranges, Pay Overlap, Smoothing the Pay Curve
  6. Drawing up a Pay Scale
  7. Costing Anomalies
  8. Reviewing Pay Structures
  • External Factors: pay movements, inflation, benefit trends, economy, tax changes and socio-political issues.
  • Internal Factors: organisational profitability, cost constraints, labour turnover, bargaining unit negotiations.

The workshop includes a detailed build up case study done in groups to reinforce learning on each aspect. All formulae / calculations are demonstrated both manually and on Excel, and all Excel spreadsheets with applicable formulae are sent to the delegates after the workshop

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