Job Profiling and Job Evaluation

Learn more about Job Profiling and Evaluation

Course Features

Course schedule: 
2 sessions
Date One: 
Tuesday, 27 February, 2018
Date Two: 
Thursday, 23 August, 2018
South Africa; Johannesburg
2 days
Presented by: 
Christelle Brunette & Antony Kibogo
Cost of Training: 
R 9,143.00 (Including VAT) per person

Detailed Descriptions

Target Audience: HR specialists or Remuneration practitioners involved in profiling jobs and conducting job evaluations within organisations

Course details: Aspects covered in detail during the course of the workshop are the following:

  1. From Job analysis to work profiling: do traditional procedures still apply?
  2. Choice of job profiling template: one size fits all?
  3. Job Profiling: a practical application covering the basic steps involved in job profiling:
    • Step 1: Identifying and describing tasks
    • Step 2: Identifying critical competencies
    • Step 3: Linking tasks and competencies
    • Step 4: Documenting  job profile results
  4. Job Evaluation process and principles
  5. Paper-based Job Evaluation systems
  6. Paterson Job evaluation
  7. Computerised/ on-line Job Evaluation systems
  8. Introduction to Broad Banding

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