Incentive Design

Enhance your design skills

Course Features

Course schedule: 
1 session
Date One: 
Monday, 13 August, 2018
South Africa; Johannesburg
2 days
Presented by: 
Dianne Auld
Cost of Training: 
R 11,263.00 (Including VAT) per person

Detailed Descriptions

Target Audience:

  • Newer practitioners in the remuneration field
  • Seasoned remuneration and reward practitioners requiring skills update or "refresher" training on the principles and practice of incentive design.


Course details: This is a practical workshop covering the essential skills required to design incentive schemes for the organisation, balancing out employer and employee needs, and driving behaviours aligned to business goals.

Aspects covered in detail during the course of the workshop are the following:

Overview of Incentives

  1. Incentive Alignment – Internal and external
  2. Incentive Design     –  Pre Design Issues
  3. Incentive Design 1  –  Eligibility – Basis for inclusion / exclusion / selection
  4. Incentive Design 2  –  Measures – Appropriate measures, level and frequency of measurement
  5. Incentive Design 3  –  Financial Controls – methods of funding, thresholds and caps, motivation
  6. Incentive Design 4  –  Gain  / Payout Relationship – stepped, continuous gain, payout ramps
  7. Incentive Design 5  –  Distribution -  types, frequency, variable pay transition, retention
  8. Communication and Implementation


The workshop includes a detailed case study, done in build-up sections.  An incentive design builder template is provided to all students for use with future incentive design work.

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