Leading Edge Surveys


The problem

With over 1 million data points and 20 000 Executive data points you can rest assured we will provide the most reliable source of data to suit your specific needs should you participate in one of our Surveys.


Our solution

To continuously provide reliable and accurate market trends survey information to enable organisations to make informed remuneration decisions.


The difference

Through the use of data collected via our REMchannel ® tool we further conduct research on a number of market trends at varying intervals; once a year, twice a year, or every second year.

LTI scheme survey

The long-term incentive scheme questions focus on:

  • Scheme design (share options, phantom schemes, share purchase schemes etc.)
  • Mechanisms for allocation and topping-up of share options
  • Vesting periods
  • Scheme rules relating to retirement, retrenchment, acquisitions, mergers etc.
  • The quantum of share options offered per defined employee category
  • The changing face of long-term incentive scheme design.

STI scheme survey

The short-term incentive scheme questions focus on:

  • Scheme design
  • Measures of performance
  • Trigger points for bonus payments
  • Deferral of bonus payments
  • Bonus delivery mechanisms
  • The actual Rand quantum benefits enjoyed per defined employee category

Salary and wage movement survey

The Salary and Wage Movement Survey is designed to assist participants who are struggling to determine increases and prepare for salary and wage budgets for a new financial year. In addition, the survey provides the latest trends on the negotiated minimum rates of pay, starting rates of pay for graduates, matriculants and vacation students, as well as labour turnover trends by industry and discipline.

Employee benefits guide

Organisations continuously strive to be an ‘Employer of Choice’, taking cognisance of employee well-being with a focus on a total reward approach. This approach ensures the attraction and retention of key skills. The Employee Benefits Survey provides current research on benefits trends and practices in South Africa, including legal and tax compliance to ensure a competitive edge.

Non-Executive Directors fees survey

The research covers a broad section of South African organisations. This ensures that participants have access to quality benchmark information. The research enables fair remuneration for Non-Executive Directors that is aligned with the scope and liabilities of their responsibilities. We also conduct ‘snap’ surveys on relevant topics from time to time.

Customised survey

If you have very specific requirements for market research in any of the reward areas a PwC Research Services consultant will obtain the brief and provide a proposal. Please request a demo ‚Äčand one of our consultants will contact you..

REMchannnel ® participants

A full participant list and demonstration of the REMchannel ® survey database is available on request.