PwC's HR Quarterly - 1st Edition March 2018

A quarterly journal published by PwC South Africa, providing informed commentary on local and international developments in the people and reward arena.

Some of the topics covered in this issue are:

People and Organisation news
Squeezing the pay gap from both sides

1. Ethical remuneration framework

Job titles - governance and fiduciary duties

2. Accountability
3. Job evaluation

Short term incentives in a changing world
What has to change for women at work

4. Walk the talk

Current and forthcoming attractions




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PwC Research Services Africa Newsletter

Information remains a scarce commodity on the African continent.

Some of the topics covered in this issue are:

PwC continues to invest a significant amount of time and resources to obtain more research information to assist clients in their decision making process. In order to make our South African clients aware of these initiatives we will publish an information brochure bi-annually containing details of current and planned initiatives.

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