Work Permit Applications

The new procedure implemented by the Department of Home Affairs requires that all work permit applications are sent to Pretoria which are then tracked using an electronic system for approval.  This process requires applications to be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs at least 30 days prior to any visa expiring.  PwC Research Services offers a 1, 2 or 3 day turnaround time depending on your requirements.

Click here to download the benchmark application form.

The changes in legislation during July 2005 have meant that organisations applying for work permits on behalf of employees require an accurate salary benchmark. The Department of Labour and Home Affairs requires the benchmark to ensure that South African jobs are protected, and that labour is not imported cheaply from other countries.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, PwC Research Services  will provide a market benchmark on the proviso that certain criteria are met.

If you require further information regarding the process and requirements, please e-mail Nayuri Naidoo or Kristine Joseph.

We would like to receive your feedback regarding our Visa Benchmark customer service.  Please click on the link provided and complete a quick online questionnaire that will enable us to improve our customer service satisfaction.  Any comments you may have are welcome.

Visa Benchmark Satisfaction Questionnaire